Our values: Sharing and Authenticity

Our motivation is to invest our stays with meaning.

We want you to enjoy a special experience, believing in the values we live by:

sharing and authenticity are the main values at “Nest”.

Sharing :

The pleasure of doing, transmitting and sharing.

Establishing a simple bond between us and our guests,

sharing our experiences with enthusiasm, generosity and fun!

Authenticity :

Truth, sincerity, simplicity will forge a bond between our guests and us.

We rely on the authentic character of this little town, our house, the places and gardens we’ll visit.

We wish to return to the simple and authentic pleasures of being together.

Colin Rowan

Colin Rowan

French cuisine fan

Colin is the culinary genius of the house – he’s passionate about French food. He’ll share one of his famous recipes with you as well as teaching you some tips and tricks that he’s learned during his 25-year immersion in the world of gastronomic delights. He left his native Scotland for the love of France, its language, culture and – above all – its cuisine. Today, he wants to share his knowledge with you!

At a very young age, this Scotsman fell in love with France. Initially, it was the language that appealed to him, and he now speaks it perfectly. However, he was also enthralled by the country’s cuisine. At just 20 years old, he moved to Paris to experience adventure, espousing French culture in its entirety.

Through diligent reading of classic culinary literature, taking numerous courses, and making taste excursions to remote corners of the country, Colin forged out solid experiences of French cuisine. Curious about new flavors and constantly testing out herbs and spices, he really knows how to create inventive recipes while retaining the “French touch” that truly makes a difference.

His journey also took him to Germany, where he spent several years finding out about other gastronomic traditions. Upon his return, he needed space and fresh air to give that special little boost to his wonderful cooking. That’s when he decided to join Mathias in his Dieppe house adventure. The Normandy land has become his preferred playground, with its cheese, crème fraiche, superb vegetables, fish and seafood that you can get straight off the boat, and the farmers’ market that he surveys every Saturday morning in his search for the produce of the week. And it’s a delight to see him discussing pork products at the delicatessen or talking about the cooking time for rounds of beef with his favorite butcher. Surrounded by the very best producers, Colin has created cuisine that is surprising and tasty while retaining authenticity and simplicity. Here, everything’s an ever-changing source of inspiration.

All of Colin’s experiences have convinced him that the best way to learn is to cook – and to take pleasure in what you’re doing. For this reason, instead of a stuffy course, Colin prefers to get you to actively participate in the preparation of meals so that you learn some local recipes but also acquire the tips and tricks that will enable you to confidently recreate these dishes in your own kitchens.

Mathias Toulemonde

Mathias Toulemonde

Host & Artist

Mathias is the artist of the house, and the person who will be guiding you through your incredible journey to the heart of Normandy aesthetics, taste, and culture.

A graduate of Decorative Arts, he is a decorator-designer and the creator of exceptional window displays for major Paris stores. He found his inspiration during extensive travel.  And in 2011 he started looking for a nest where he could settle down and develop his work as an artist. He fell madly in love with Dieppe, its light, and this historic house where he has spent two years working to create a whole world in each room in the tradition of the cabinet of curiosities. Each room is a separate universe where you can immerse yourself in the spirit of his creations – a box of relics telling a unique story.

Mathias is the sort of person who – as soon as you meet him – uses his exuberant energy to draw you into a unique world that is rich in human encounters and aesthetics – a world that is both honest and playful. In just a few minutes, he takes you off towards new horizons, far past your expectations, sharing his love for Dieppe, its poetic cliffs, pebble beaches, the verdigris tones of the sea and sky, the incomparable light, and – above all – the extremely flavorsome food and absolutely incredible gardens of this really historic region, which boasts a rare authenticity that makes it an ideal environment for an elegant and epicurean way of life.

In opening up his house to you, he wishes to share his passion for this wonderful place.  Here, hosting friends is a real way of life. Life is great at this incredible house. The top-quality decor positively resonates with real sophistication, creating a simple and welcoming atmosphere.

Mad about the local cuisine, passionate about innovation and creation, inventive, a lover of nature and gardens, Mathias – accompanied by his trusty companion Colin – likes nothing better than receiving guests and sharing his enthusiasm for his special little world. With an ambience of humor and poetry, elegance and grace, you’ll share intensive and unforgettable moments with him, full of starry magic and embossed with sincerity and emotion. With his admirable welcome and infectious enthusiasm, this artist will take you on an incredible journey to the heart of aesthetics, taste, and culture.