An amazing artist’s home,  making Nest’s stays amazing too


Our adventure begins in this unique house, recently restored, in the center of Dieppe.  Each room has its own character. Like a cabinet of curiosities, each space tells a different story through its paintings, unusual artefacts and works of art acquired in antique shops and on flea markets around the world.  Together they create an atmosphere full of poetic intensity.  Featured in prestigious home and garden magazines, this exceptional environment invites you to share its rich treasures, appreciated by all. This magical and always stimulating home provides the perfect backdrop to your memorable stay.  The living areas are ideal for sharing unforgettable moments.

You will sleep soundly in “The Dark Bedroom”, “The Monk Bedroom”, “The Parrots Bedroom”,

which all have their own bathroom.

More about the house

The first floor and the garden are common living spaces for guests to enjoy at their leisure. The French windows open onto the terrace paved with blue stone and let in a lovely warm light. In the dining room you can sit at a majestic wooden table and appreciate a collection of dioramas. These small display cases depict seafaring scenes with ships and shells. The living room invites us to relax in a spiritual atmosphere where a collection of over 100 “Infant Jesus of Prague” takes you on a voyage of contemplation. And of course, the kitchen, rustic yet sophisticated. Its original wall, made of flint and red stone, reminds us how ancient and beautiful this home is.In this kitchen you’ll learn recipes and tips to cook the perfect “Norman meal”.