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The Parrots Bedroom

Romantic & fun

Bedroom size : 161 sq ft

One double bed size : 54 in x 75 in
Small private bathroom in the corridor,
with shower, washbasin and toilet


The walls of the striking Parrots bedroom are delightfully decorated in antique powder pink and pastel green, reminiscent of 18th century paintings. This mini suite contains a collection of over 300 objects on the theme of these beautiful colorful birds.

For 25 years, Mathias’s passion for parrots has led him to create this unusual collection of paintings, ceramics, tapestries, crockery, books, and cages. This mixed assortment of objects makes for an incredible ambiance.

A genuinely unique experience.

In the corridor adjacent to the bedroom, a charming little bathroom with a shower, an old- fashioned washbasin, and toilet, awaits our guests. The dark blue gray tiles were acquired at antique fairs in northern France. It’s a charming little room, warm and welcoming.

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