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What’s new at Nest?

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Normandy in the sun, it’s the most beautiful light in the world. The Impressionists understood it well… There are plenty of walks to be had alongside the cliffs, your feet in the water and your eyes on the green meadows. And of course, the plentiful gardens open up to us, and flood our senses with flowers, colours, and aromas. We are incredibly fortunate here in Dieppe to be both close to that beautiful sea and yet almost in the countryside… First of all, Nest is a reflection of the history of local cuisine enriched by the tasty vegetables that come directly from our beloved farmers. Thus, as we approach the end of spring, we would like to present you with some hearty recipes that will tickle your taste buds and that we hope to share with you very soon. Finally, because we at Nest are also very active, let’s make the most of two major sporting events: the Tour de France and the Solitaire du Figaro boat race. Or we could just get a table at one the region’s wonderful restaurants, which has recently been awarded a Michelin star for the quality of its food!


What’s going on in the kitchen?


This month, on the menu of our cookbook:

Poivrade artichokes poached in herbs and oil

Fresh cod with chorizo and shellfish

Cherry chutney

Bon appétit !


Life in Normandy !

Things are happening in Dieppe!

port de Dieppe


Two high-level sporting events will take place in our city in the next few days.

Sailing will be in the spotlight with the grand finale of the Solitaire du Figaro boat race. The renowned regatta, celebrating its 45th anniversary this year, departed Bordeaux (in western France) on May 31st and will have its final stage, covering the distance from Torbay to Dieppe, on June 28th. A great show is expected.

On July 9th, Dieppe will pay homage to the bicycle and will be one of the best places to watch the riders taking part in the famous “Tour de France” during the Abbeville-Le Havre stage – one that offers magnificent views over the cliffs.

What else?



  • The restaurant “Le Colombier”, in Offranville, is a real showstopper, having been awarded a Michelin star this year! According to the Michelin Guide inspectors, “This venerable 16C Norman residence retains its monumental fireplace, offset by a backdrop of appealing contemporary decor. Scallops in pear compote, local fish, tatin-style apples… Fine cuisine that is harmonious and agreeably original.”


  • The Gardener’s advice: In June, we have the longest days.  More time to enjoy the garden but also to take care of it.  It’s time to dig up the bulbs of spring and to cut rosebushes and wisterias. With the arrival of the beautiful days of summer, the garden recovers its full splendour. The annual plants, such as the nasturtium, are now in full bloom. The roses thrive in the sun. The summer flowers burst into a myriad of colours.

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