Rhubarb, apple and passion fruit jam - Nest in Normandy Dieppe

Rhubarb, apple and passion fruit jam

Ingredients: Yields 4 jars

From the fresh produce market:
650g rhubarb stalks (500g net)
750g apples (500g net)
2 passion fruit
1/2 lemon

From your larder:
800g sugar

  • The day before, wash and dry the rhubarb. Chop off the stalk ends. Cut the stalks in half lengthwise and  then cut them into small cubes of about 0.5 cm.
  • Peel and core the apples and slice them thinly.
  • Cut the passion fruit in half, collect the juice and the seeds.
  • Mix the fruit (and their juice and seeds) with the sugar and the juice of 1/2 lemon, cover with cling film and allow to stand for 1 hour.
  • Pour this mixture into a jam pan, bring it to a simmer, stirring delicately.
  • Cover this mixture with cling film and chill it overnight in the fridge.
  • The following morning, pour the contents into a jam pan and bring to the boil, stirring delicately.
  • Maintain at a high heat for 10 minutes, stirring continually.  Skim carefully.
  • Check the consistency of the jam (place a few drops on a chilled plate. The jam should be slightly gelled).
  • Remove the pot from the heat. Pour it directly into heated jars. Screw on the lids and place the jars upside down until they cool.