Snail ravioles, cress jus, snail caviar - Nest in Normandy Dieppe

Snail ravioles, cress jus, snail caviar

Ingredients: Yields 4 servings

From the fresh produce market:
½ bunch of cress
½ onion
2 garlic cloves
1 shallot
1 bunch of parsley

From the grocery store:
32 wanton square wrappers (from Asian stores)
32 snails (canned)
100 g potato pulp
15 g snail caviar

From the cheesemarket:
40g butter
10cl single cream
2 egg yolks

From your larder:
10 cl chicken broth
salt, pepper

  • Start by making the cress jus: Sweat the chopped onion in 20 g of butter and saute it for a few minutes. Add the single cream and the chicken broth. Season and cook over a low heat for 10 minutes.  Add the cress leaves and cook for a further 1 minute.  Blitz immediately in a blender to preserve the color and strain through a fine sieve.  Set aside.
  • Saute 1 chopped shallot in 20 g of butter.  Drain the snails, add them to the shallot and saute further.  Remove from the heat and add the minced garlic and chopped parsley.  Leave to cool.  Place a snail and a small knob of potato pulp on a wanton wrapper and seal the wrapper using a beaten egg yolk and a pastry brush. Cook the ravioles in simmering water for 3 minutes.
  • Place the ravioles in heated soup dishes.  Drizzle with cress jus and add a drop of snail caviar.  Decorate with a few cress leaves.