Tartar of salmon with mango and mustard cream - Nest in Normandy Dieppe

Tartar of salmon with mango and mustard cream

Ingredients: Yields 4 servings

From the fishmonger’s:
2 salmon fillets (150g each)

From the fresh produce market:
½ red onion
½ bunch fresh cilantro
1 cucumber
1 mango

From the cheesemarket:
50g light cream cheese (e.g. Philadelphia)

From your larder:
Hot mustard
salt, pepper

• Peel the mango and cut it into cubes. Blend ½ of the mango cubes with the cream cheese, adding 1.5 tsp. mustard.
• Chop the onion into small cubes.
• Cut the cucumber into small cubes, removing the seeds.
• Pluck off the cilantro leaves and chop them finely.
• Remove the skin from the salmon fillets and cut the flesh into 5mm cubes.
• Mix all the ingredients together and adjust the seasoning.
• Plat using a mold or a (cookie) cutter.