A la Carte

A high-quality historic heritage to discover

From 2 nights to fournight

Because this region is packed full of treasures, it would take months to visit them all! Normandy has a high-quality historic heritage with a rare density. This is why we offer “A la Carte” experiences. We’ll examine your desires and suggest a made-to-measure holiday in Dieppe and the surrounding area. This offer is open to groups of 4 people or more. We can organize a trip from 2 nights to a fortnight.

Please note: For any of our “experiences offers” or “A la Carte” option, we’ll be pleased to organize special tours for a group of more than 6 guests (which is the maximum capacity of our house). In that case, guests will be hosted in nearby accommodation, chosen for its beautiful decoration and setting. Do not hesitate to contact us for any request you might have.

Send us your ideas, we ‘ll prepare the perfect trip, and draw up an estimate.

Examples of what you will love

Full hands-on cooking stay:

You’re fond of French cuisine and would like to learn to prepare some authentic dishes? That’s possible with Nest. Once or twice a day, we’ll show you how to prepare French specialties made from seasonal produce currently found on the local market stalls. You’ll learn some techniques from the world of French cuisine as well as the chef’s tricks about how to create simple yet sophisticated, tasty dishes just as you like them.

Gastronomic tour:

You’ll discover the heritage of the Normandy land through the best restaurants in Dieppe, and nearby. You’ll experience gastronomic restaurants that we’ve selected for their seasonal menu, inventiveness, and love of deliciously intense tastes. Two of these restaurants have recently been praised by the Michelin Guide and were awarded 1 star!

Fishing day:

You would love to spend the day fishing out at sea? That’s possible with Nest. We can join a group of fishermen and spend a whole day on the boat. Private rental boat possible.

Impressionist tour:

Pissarro said “Dieppe is a wonderful place for a painter who likes life, movement, colors.”

The most renowned impressionist artists have come to savor the ambiance of Dieppe, their easels in tow. These “plein air” (open air) painters – Pissarro, Degas, Gauguin, Renoir, Boudin, Sisley, Monet, Sicker, Whisler and Blanche – wanted to take advantage of the nuances of the maritime sky, observe the changing effects of the light through the filter of the clouds, and study the reflections bouncing off the water. Together, we can tour the key places of impressionism in the region (e.g. museums, sites), between Rouen and Dieppe.


This “City of One Hundred Steeples” is nestled in the hollow of a bend of the Seine and was a major city of the Middle Ages and then the “City of the Cotton Factories” in the 17th century. Today, it’s a veritable and richly layered museum of a city.

Le Havre and Fécamp:

A royal city founded by King François I, Le Havre was destroyed during the Second World War and rebuilt thanks to the formidable work of Auguste Perret.

And much more… be creative, we ‘ll help to make your dream of Normandy come true !