November in Dieppe

What’s new at Nest?

The days are drawing in, we’re starting to feel the first signs of winter and the shop windows are bright with the colors of the festive season. We light the first fires in the fireplace and to get warm don an apron and head for the kitchen!

Using only the fresh produce from the farmers’ market that inspires him, Colin invites you to try his seasonal recipes with chestnuts, morel mushrooms, free-range chicken and salted butter caramel. 

Tasty, authentic dishes, the signature of Nest in Normandy!

What’s going on in the kitchen?

This month, on the menu of our cookbook:
Chestnut soup with crisp bacon - Nest in Normandy Dieppe


Free range chicken with morel mushrooms - Nest in Normandy Dieppe

Free-range chicken with morel mushrooms

Tiramisu made in Normandy

Click on the link to find the complete recipes on our website.
Bon appétit !


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Life in Normandy !

  • Exceptional concert on November 21.   The renowned Red Star Army Chorus of the Russian Federation will perform in concert in Dieppe.  Songs wonderfully interpreted by the men and soloists of the choir who will delight you with their powerful, deep and passionate voices.


  •  For the weekend of November 27 – 29, Miromesnil castle will be decked out in the colors of Christmas.  At the foot of a towering Christmas tree in the hall, some 30 exhibitors will offer gourmet products, decorative crafted items, and jewelry. The castle’s great kitchen will become a tea house, where you can enjoy crepes, chocolate cake and other delicacies by the fire. A wonderful opportunity to rediscover this magnificent castle.

What else?

  • The holiday season is fast approaching and Dieppe’s streets are filled with lights, decorations and seasonal music.  You’re likely to bump into Santa Claus as you stroll through the streets of our beautiful town.


  • The short, cold days don’t encourage us to venture into the garden, but some work is necessary to ensure the warmer months will look their best. It’s essential to complete overwintering preparations and, especially, to finish protecting your plantations with a mulch cover and a wintering veil.  Remember to sprinkle the ash from your fireplace on your flowerbeds and at the foot of your fruit trees. Indoors, you’ll be able to enjoy the blooms of the first hyacinths which will fill your home with their delicious fragrance. They will help you get through to the spring.


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