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The cuisine 

Enjoy French homemade cooking


The rich soil of this region allows good, wholesome produce to spring forth, enabling the creation of absolutely delicious dishes. At Nest, you can participate in the preparation of your food so that you get to learn the secrets of our local recipes . Alternatively, you can simply enjoy really tasty cuisine at the wonderful restaurants of the region !

The richness of Normandy’s heritage can be seen in its incredible garden landscape. Its fertile and nourishing soil is home to numerous vegetable plots that give local produce the amazing quality that is reflected in our renowned culinary tradition.

French cooking lesson - Nest in Normandy - DIEPPE
French cooking lesson - Nest in Normandy - DIEPPE
French cooking lesson - Nest in Normandy - DIEPPE
French cooking lesson - Nest in Normandy - DIEPPE

Thanks to talented market gardeners and producers with respect for their products, Normandy boasts some of the most diverse countryside in France and is able to lay claim to a wide range of specialties: Butter, cream, fruit and vegetables, poultry, and apple-based products such as cider and Calvados brandy. The sea, which is closely linked to regional activity, offers up a host of fish each morning, and you can buy them fresh off the boat: Sole, plaice, flounder, turbot, cod, whiting, devil crab, mussels, oysters, whelks, scallops, lobster and much more…

The countless treasures to be discovered in the offerings of local producers at the famous farmers’ market that takes place on Saturday mornings will be our source of inspiration for cuisine that is simple yet inventive, regional, natural and rustic. This is nothing unusual – but it’s vital when it comes to good food!

It’s here, at the heart of Dieppe, between the countryside and the sea, that we will chat together about cuisine that is close to our hearts. With us, through local and seasonal gastronomy, you will discover – or rediscover – the pleasure of cooking, preparing tasty food and enjoying unique delicacies prepared using superb Normandy products. You will experience an intense taste experience, exploring new discoveries at the very heart of the region’s cuisine.

Together, with our enthusiasm for authentic taste and with our food-loving and inquisitive bodies and minds, we invite you to rediscover the essence of flavor and to reconcile simple cooking with authentic taste – this is what we want to share with you during this gastronomic and culinary adventure that will give us all so much pleasure.